We’ve bottled all the healthy goodness we can into our spreads, so you can grab them knowing you will be serving up nutrient-packed deliciousness to your family, friends or yourself.

Koala Picks spreads are all made with simple, fresh ingredients and have no refined sugars, no emulsifiers, preservatives or unhealthy oils. So, spread them indulgently and enjoy!

We have a minimum order of AED50 per order.


Busy mornings? Maybe you’re looking for a family fun activity? We’ve got you covered! Our breakfast & baking range includes sinCEREALy wholesome, nutritious breakfast options plus ready-to-mix baking recipes.

We don’t compromise on taste or ingredients, so your spoonful, handful or mouthful is filled with 100% natural ingredients, no refined sugars, and no preservatives, colorants or any other nasty additives.

We have a minimum order of AED50 per order.